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Here we go with our weekly update. We're really looking forward to releasing the game and seeing the people reaction to the final version!

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One more week has passed. Let's explain what we've achieved!

Francisco (Programmer): I've been working mainly on the tutorials that will show up at the beginning of the game in order to explain the basic controls to players. There will be 9 very short tutorials that will teach players a wide variety of actions, from jumping to performing a counterattack. From a design perspective, I started sketching the tutorials on index cards (as shown in video below). I tried to keep them very simple yet comprehensive, without revealing too much about the dynamics of the game so that players experience surprise on their first race.

Tutorial: from paper to game

Manuela (Artist): During last week I have been polishing the different menu screens of the game, making sure that all the information that the player may need is correctly displayed. For example, in the screen that appears when a race has ended, apart from the basic information about the players positions, I have included information about the obtained experience points and a message that appears if some item has been unlocked thanks to these points. Additionally, every piece of text is now translated in the current language of the game, which players can change in settings.

End of race screen

David (Online programmer): This week I've been mainly focusing on fixing existing minor bugs in the online mode and hooking in some other various things like translations to different languages, sound effects , etc. The other bit that took most of my week was the ongoing steam integration, where I'm trying to make use of some of the services valve provides, like the ability to store crash reports on a server so we can examine and fix them quickly! On a side note, we did our first test with the achievements systems, and it worked :D but more of this in next week's update!

Steam Achievement

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