The first step towards Robocraft's ultimate update: Megabots. New Tier-X1 SMG and loads of improvements.

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Yes, we are on the countdown to Megabots. On the 3 releases leading up to their launch we are going to allow you to field test the Mega TX-1 components.

First up is the Mega SMG, it is available NOW! and set to shake up T10 forever.


  • CPU LOAD = 250 pFLOPS
  • ROBOT RANKING = 13,897,651
  • ARMOR = 24,562
  • DAMAGE = 7,182

The great TX-1 SMG field testing exercise will soon begin!Starting from next week’s update (COUNTDOWN TO MEGABOTS 2…), player kills made with the TX-1 SMG will be tracked on our database. Any player who has scored 100 kills or more with the TX-1 SMG before the megabots full release will earn themselves a special visually different variant of the TX-1 SMG.

Please remember that kills with the TX-1 SMG made this week WILL NOT be counted towards this quota. The one week grace period before the event begins allows recent T10 players to earn the TP and RP needed to purchase the TX-1 SMG and take part.


  • Team Match-Making – We’ve added Team Match-Making to split Platoons, Fliers, Medics and other Weapon Classes evenly between teams
  • Robot Class Icons – Are now displayed on the battle countdown screens so you can see how the teams have been match-made
  • Ground / Air Indicator – We’ve added an underline/overline to the weapon class indicator which indicates whether the unit is a ‘ground’ (underline) or ‘air’ (overline) Robot
  • Symmetric Component Collision – Electroplate Armor, Radars, Tank Track, all have symmetrical collision. This includes things like the Radar which will now fit the same space regardless of rotation
  • Aerofoils and Rudders Improved – Carrying mass of Aerofoils and Rudders significantly improved. Vertical and Horizontal foils now treated separately in the carrying mass distribution and ‘diminishing returns’ calculations (so adding vertical Rudders no longer weakens your Aerofoils)
  • Hover Blade Stability Improvements – Changed application of forces so that they do not ‘dip’ or ‘nose dive’ when going too fast, increased responsiveness of terrain height tracking, and improved ability to go off cliff edges and up cliff edges without flipping upside down
  • Walker Leg Healing – Made some changed designed to prevent Walkers from being launched when they are healed
  • Spotting Reliability – Improved the reliability of spotting
  • Spawning Improvements – Robots are spawned closer to the ground, spawn points have been revised, and camera points in Robot facing direction at the start of battle
  • Private Chat – We’ve fixed private chat, so you can now chat with friends again
  • Invisible Collision – Improved the collision throughout the maps so that collision matches geometry much more accurately
  • Rail Buff – Rail reload time is now 12 seconds (from 20 seconds). Rail damage has been buffed by 12.5% at T9 and 25% at T10
  • Plasma Buff – Plasma DMG has been buffed by 5% at T9 and 10% at T10
  • Nano Buff – Nano heal rate has been buffed by 12.5% at T9 and 25% at T10
  • FPS Improvements – Reduced the number of ‘draw calls’ on all functional cubes by a factor of 5x by optimizing all cubes and adding in LOD’s
  • Friction – Fixed a bug causing zero friction on ground, so Robot now come to rest in a more realistic way
  • Wheel Friction – Increased the friction of wheels so they have more grip when going up hills
  • SMG Changes – New SMG models, cleaner look, and new audio FX (we’ve got more to do on these as we’re not 100% happy with them, so more on this in Countdown 2…)
  • Bridges – Improved access onto and off of bridges
  • Barricades – Changed the barricade positions in the maps and removed some that were causing snagging during ‘roll out’. Also removed some to make those capping the base more vulnerable to defence
  • Dev Message – Made the dev message smaller and less ‘in your face’
  • User Already Logged In – Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being able to access their account for 24 hours due to message ‘user already logged in’
  • Other Bug Fixes – Many other bug fixes under the hood to remove occasional errors output to the logs and reported by users

We’re not done with the polish and fixes yet. There is more to come with the release of Megabots Countdown 2… and Megabots Countdown 1… including a fixed ‘Friends System’, more spawning improvements, mirrored building.

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