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Answering a couple of questions, and explaining this and that.

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Hi guys! Thanks for all the positive input! We really appreciate it, and we're looking for release just as you all are.

Now, since we've started receiving various emails, we want to answer a few questions. First of all, at this moment, we are not considering any 'hiring' to the team. This means, at this moment, we don't need beta-testers and such. We are pretty sure, at some point we will need playtesters maybe voice actors, musicians and such, but since not much is done at this moment, it would be pointless and you'd be busy doing nothing.

We've also received emails, asking about, let's say activity behind this mod. School has started and I found a job, which is kinda delays thing, because when I'm not working I am either babysitting or doing school related stuff.

We will do our best to release this mod before 2011.

Work in progress.

Cortal Developers.

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