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Finished designing levels and discovered a serious fault where game was crashing every time i got to level 7.

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The game started crashing late last night while i was testing it. had just finished designing the final level and i was pleased as i had several days to test and make final adjustments to code before releasing.

While i was testing the game kept crashing when i was getting to level 7. it seemed to display the level then just crash, i went through my code but couldnt find anything wrong that would make it crash, then i decided to load the level that was crashing in my level editor, the level loaded but when displayed it was clear that their was something wrong as the baddies were not loading and the tiles were not correctly drawn to screen.

I have traced the crashing to 5 or 6 corrupted level files. o idea why or when this happened, but i will fix these as quickly as possible, hopefully i wont have to redesign the entire levels again.

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