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WIP complex space exploration sim in prototype stage seeking feedback and development funds.

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If you would like to discuss the game, offer feedback and follow the progress of development, you can join us on discord.

We have been working on CC for about a year and the prototype is now fully playable, even if it still lacks the bling, a lot of story content, and a proper UI. These are all to be decided in the future, but now we present the following features:

  • A procedurally generated cosmos with star systems, planets, planetary landscapes, lifeforms and biomes, archeological sites and finds, astronomical phenomena, human and alien cultures, and more.
  • Earning money with trade or exploration, allowing you to purchase a better ship or to upgrade it with better equipment of all kinds and purposes.
  • Tactical combat with pirates and alien drones, which can mostly be evaded or weathered out. It has the main components but there are lots of tactical possibilities still being added to the mechanics.
  • Using your rover to travel across procedurally generated planetary landscapes, drill for resources and discover other interesting sites and treasures.
  • Lots of other stuff...


The main goal of our kickstarter campaign is to find the entusiasts who would be willing to check out the prototype and offer some constructive feedback, but also to raise some additional funds for the development.

If you find the concept promising, please consider checking out the Corona Celestia Kickstarter Campaign .

Or, you can also offer some support for our development at Winter Sale 2020 on

Please, check out our devlog at: Corona Celestia at GameJolt . From there, you can also download the latest playable prototype.

Alternatively, you can download the prototype directly from the widget below.

Also, you can now follow the beta testing on our twitch channel:

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