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Mostly fixes for the AI, missing textures and some other bits.

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Download the Attribute file here

Version 1.73.5 Attribute file

Download the Art file here

Version 1.73.5 Art file

Download the AI fix here

Version 1.73.5 AI Fix



Fixed an AI error
Fixed Bloodletter missing effects

Sisters of Battle:

Added a bit of fading to the disabled icons, to add some more contrast with the enabled icons
Infantry Chainsword idle and hit sounds priority lowered so that they aren't so prominent
Added some dummy sounds with silence to the infantry Chainsword idle directory so the sounds play less often


Guardian Warlock Conceal damage reduction reduced from 25% to 15%
Enhanced Reinforced Armour now properly applies to Dark Reaper Exarch with Tempest Missile Lancher, Fire Dragon Exarch with Dragon's Breath Flamer, Dire Avenger Exarch with Shimmer Shield, Dire Avenger Exarch with Shuriken Catapult and Warp Spider Exarch with Spinneret Rifle

Space Marines:

Chapter Master regeneration rate increased from 2 to 4
Chapter Master helmet made less shiny so that more colour can be applied to it


Fixed Immortal Tesla Carbine missing textures and effects
Fixed Deathmark squad using the wrong entity


Fixed Crisis Suit and Drone Turret Burst Cannon tracer effects
XV8 Crisis Suits, XV81 Crisis Suits and Broadsides now use the Commander Plasma Rifle tracer effects
Fixed XV9 Hazard Suits not being available

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