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Adds some new units for Eldar and Necrons, adds some upgrades for Imperial Guard and Space Marines and updates some models and abilities.

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Download it here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod version 2.0.6 Installer



Fixed some AI and campaign errors here and there
Updated Heroes and Auto Abilities win conditions so they should work with most, if not all, of the new units with fewer crashes
Fixed some errors in some win conditions


Fixed Storm Guardian missing Plasma Grenade animation (thanks to Kekoulis)
Storm Guardian Power Sword upgrade re-added (thanks to Kekoulis)
Dark Reaper Exarch no longer has Mickey Mouse ears (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Deathstalker (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added improved Cobra and Void Spinner models (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added the new Holofield Emitter ability effects for the Cobra and Deathstalker

Imperial Guard:

Added Medic and Medusa voices from Unification (thanks to the Unification mod team)
Added Techpriest Enginseer model from Unification (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added turret with Punisher Gatling, Vanquisher Cannon and Plasma Cannon upgrades(thanks to Kekoulis / Unification mod team)
Added Sentinel with Plasma Cannon upgrade (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Heavy Weapons Team with Plasma Cannon upgrade (thanks to Kekoulis)
Hellhound hull Multi-Melta damage reduced, especially against buildings

Space Marines:

Added Venerable Dreadnought with random Boreale head (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added improved Predator model from the Unification mod (thanks to Kekoulis / Unification mod team)
Added turret Flamestorm Cannon, Magna-Melta, Plasma Cannon and Conversion Beam Projector upgrades for the Predator
Added sponson Assault Cannons, Multi-Meltas, Twin Autocannons and Plasma Cannons upgrades for the Predator


Reduced the duration of the Wraith's orb effects
Added the Tomb Blade (thanks to Kekoulis / Unification mod team)


Fixed Boomy Stikk Bomb not doing any damage
Boomy Stikk Bomb damage increased from 200/275 to 300/375

Sisters of Battle:

Fixed the Assault Paragon Warsuit using the wrong model
Fixed some errors in the SoB Stronghold mission in the campaign

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