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Adds new units for Eldar, Imperial Guard, Orks, Sister of Battle, Space Marines and Tau, and new weapon upgrades, abilities and effects for Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Tau. Fixes some issues with Sisters of Battle Celestian missing heads, Space Marine Terminator Commanders missing hands and minor texture fixes.

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Download the version 2.0.1 installer here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 2.0.1 Installer

Download the version patch here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version Patch



Added some win conditions to change reinforcement times
Fixed missing units that weren't added and the AI breaking


Changed the Cultist Worship effects to be slightly more subtle
Fixed missing abilities for Honour Guard Chaos Sorcerer in the single player campaign
Fixed Honour Guard Dreadnought not being able to upgrade left arm weapons
Chaos Dreadnought is now fully team-colourable (thanks to Whiteshield)
Added new sound effects for the Slaanesh Sorcerer Cacophonic Choir ability
Added Plasma Cannon, Volkite Demi-Culverin, Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster and Bile Thrower weapon upgrades for the Chaos Predator (thanks to Kekoulis)

Dark Eldar:

Added updated Warriors, Sybarite, Scourges, Scourge Sybarite, Trueborn and Reaver Jetbike models (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Shredder and Dark Matter Blaster weapon upgrades for Warriors and Trueborn
Added Thermal Lance and Haywire Blaster weapon upgrades for Scourges
Improved Soulseeker Ammunition research now increases max upgrades of Trueborn by 1
Changed the starting weapon for the Reaver Jetbike to the Shredder
Added Thermal Lance weapon upgrade for Reaver Jetbikes


Added updated Fire Prism model from the Dawn of Eldar mod (thanks to Kekoulis / Dawn of Eldar mod team)
Added Shadow Spectres from the Dawn of Eldar mod (thanks to Kekoulis / Dawn of Eldar mod team, Whiteshield for making them team colourable)
Added new weapon beam effects for the Swooping Hawk and Swooping Hawk Exarch based on the ones from the Dawn of Eldar mod (thanks to Dawn of Eldar mod team)
Added Firestorm (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Warp Hunter (thanks to Kekoulis)
Reworked all D-Cannons, reduced initial impact damage, added damage over time and knockback on the last hit and tweaked the FX a bit
Fixed War Walker Shuriken Cannon aiming angles being swapped

Imperial Guard:

Updated the Leman Russ model (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Volkite Demi-Culverin weapon upgrade for the Leman Russ
Fixed missing Medic sync-kill animations
Added Hellhammer (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Banesword (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Banehammer (thanks to Kekoulis)


Monolith build control area radius increased from 16 to 20
Fixed some Necron Lord abilities not appearing properly when multiple artifacts have been researched
Tachyon Cyclone ability visual effects tweaked a little


Added 'Ard Shoota Boyz (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added 'Ard Stormboys (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added 'Ard Tankbustas (thanks to Kekoulis)
Fixed Stormboyz and 'Ard Stormboyz using each other's melee weapon

Sisters of Battle:

Fixed Celestian missing heads (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Land Raider Redeemer (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added the fixed Stormlord model (thanks to Kekoulis)

Space Marines:

Fixed Terminator Librarian and Terminator Force Commander missing hands when upgraded to Combi-Meltas (thanks to Kekoulis)
Changed the Terminator Force Commander texture to be less shiny, making it match more closely with the Terminator texture
Terminator Force Commander now upgrades to the Daemon Hammer (thanks to Kekoulis)
Fixed Terminator Force Commander using Terminator voices when charging and in combat
Added Land Raider Lacerator, Crusader variant with twin-linked Multilasers (thanks to Kekoulis)


Added Swordfish with properly fixed Railgun (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added XV-88 Mark II Broadside Battlesuit Shas'vre (thanks to Kekoulis)
Added Ion Rifle weapon upgrade for Pathfinders (thanks to Kekoulis)



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