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Mainly fixes for minor visual and gameplay issues and some gameplay tweaks here and there.

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Download it here:

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.85 Installer



All lesser daemons are available instead of being restricted by Chaos Marks
Chaos Marks confer bonuses and penalties similar to Chaos Marines
Added Chaos Dreadnought to single player campaign honor guard
Dreadnought Plasma Cannon damage against heavy infantry increased slightly
Fixed Dark Apostle Blood Syphon health regeneration not working properly
Khorne Berserkers get back health based on 10% of the damage done

Dark Eldar:

Soul Cage cost reduced from 450/450 to 250/250
Soul Cage health reduced from 4500 to 3500
Soul Cage build time reduced from 90 to 40
Dais of Destruction, Rampage and Shadow now require Grand Reaping research
Grand Reaping research cost increased from 200/100 to 200/200
Grand Reaping research build time increased from 50 to 60


Cobra D-Cannon range reduced from 50 to 40
Tweaked the effects of the Autarch Soul Stone ability
Added new icons for the Farseer
Modified D-Cannon projectile and explosion effects
Added new effects for the Holofield ability for vehicles

Imperial Guard:

Added Griffon to campaign honour guard
Recruitment researches increases the squad size and reduces the reinforcement cost of Conscripts
Fixed Leman Russ Eradicator impact effects


Added Deathmarks to campaign honour guard
2 Plasma Generators can be built initially without an Obelisk
Doomsday Cannon damage to heavy building and heavy monster armour reduced
Fixed Immortal squads created by the Tomb Spyder not being upgradeable


Kommandoz Stikk Bombs changed to Firey Stikk Bombs
Added Smokey Stikk Bombs for Kommandoz, shares a timer with Firey Stikk Bombs
Battlefortress Rokkit Launcha damage against buildings reduced
Fixed Kustim Stompa smoke effects lingering indefinitely
Loota initial squad cost reduced from 325/25 to 300/25
Loota Deff Gun damage against medium vehicle, heavy vehicle, medium building and heavy building armour halved

Sisters of Battle:

Shrine of the Living Saint cost reduced from 450/450 to 200/200
Shrine of the Living Saint health increased from 1500 to 2500
Shrine of the Living Saint build time reduced from 100 to 30
Living Saint, Firesword and Stormlord require a new research, the Immaculate Purge

Space Marines:

Devastator and Venerable Dreadnought Plasma Cannon damage against heavy infantry increased slightly
Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans now only take up 1 transport slot


Fixed a crash when the XV89 Commander is selected

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