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Here is CorgiField's in-game GUI showing some elements that explain a bit more about the gameplay.

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Here is some concept artwork for the game's GUI showing some elements that explain a bit more about the gameplay.

in-game GUI

On the bottom left corner there are three icons:
- The water: When some territory is being marked you use the water up. That means that you'll have to explore the map to find and drink more water in order to continue marking territories.

GUI working GUI working

- The fatigue: Corgis are an unstoppable running and barking machine, but after a while they naturally get tired. This icon indicates if you can continue running and barking.

GUI working

- The Smell: This icon indicates the state of the smell sense which allows you to search for buried treasures. You'll also be able to find the pig, the sheep and the hiding wolves in your surroundings. But you should use it moderately!

GUI working

At the bottom there is an inventory with some items and powerups. On the top left corner there is a mini-map, and on the top right corner there is a weather indicator.

Find out more about CorgiFields on our Greenlight page.
And remember, we have an ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

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