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Update on what's going on with the Coremann Complex mod for Half Life 2 and including new information on the storyline of the mod.

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Hey, this is EP3-2010, the Lead Developer working on the Half Life 2 mod, Coremann Complex. I have been getting a few questions lately regarding the storyline and the purpose of the phi symbol in the mod symbol. I will be revealing the basics without revealing any major events and I'll also hint on what the phi symbol represents.

Before I reveal any key details, I would like to make a slight change to the City location. I apparently cannot keep track of which Cities have been used, and since City 7 has been used, the new location is now City 15. Hopefully, this is the final City change!

Now onto the storyline:
You are the character, Dr. Harold Coremann, a former research scientist that worked back at Black Mesa. Dr. Coremann has been traveling from City to City to City trying avoid the Combine from capturing him. You arrive at a new destination, City 15. Everything in this City may look like the same as the last, but there's something different about this one. City 15 has something no other City has, located in the former government building, there's a new Combine antennae-looking device placed on the dome of the building. No citizen is allowed into that sector of the City since the Combine took over. Citizens rumored that it's some type of broadcasting system for the Combine or a Suppression field generator. Others think it's much worse than that...

Sorry to cut you off right there, but at least you know a little bit about the main character and the mysterious City 15. Now regarding the "phi" symbol in the mod logo. I can't tell you any real specifics due to it might revealing major details, but all I'm going to say about it is that it regards a special section of the Combine. That's all I'm going to say about it currently, but more will come with later updates.

Interested in helping out with this mod? I still have a few key positions that I still need to be filled. If you are interested, please PM along with some sample work that you have done in the past. ex: If you're a mapper, please send a few pics and possibly a .vmf file to show me how well you are. Impress me!

Well, I'm off and I'll keep you posted on how the mod is going and hopefully I'll show some more screen shots off as well. See ya!

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