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What we have planned for the future and what we are trying to achive as a group.

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As you may have read in our description, we are trying to achieve a gruop in which all members can be supported and support esch other, this includes gamers, hackers, and developers. Such can be done by creating review articles on games and games that developers are working on, aswell as host tournaments or servers for a variaty of games. Infact, we are planning to host a series of MINECRAFT tournaments in October (hopefully). This tournament will include a variety of diffrent games that are very comminly played on MINECRAFT servers, such as: speedball(a.k.a paintball), Hunger Games, faction PvP, and capture the flag style games. We will also make this group public for anyone to join freely, since, unfortunatly we can't do that at the moment becuase we still dont have enough people to monitor the group, but if you really want to join early (or dont) you can still apply to join us, and we strongly encourage you to do so, we can do with all the help.

Thank You
wifty_16 (Core_Gamrz Admin)

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