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Thanks to Soonerpimp, WHiiTTy, SLeePYG72786, KimpLE, for teaming up and battling the bots with me today for a good few map rotations on the [JP]FEAR Co saba- (^^,) based in Japan. There aren't a lot of Coop Warfare servers in the server list but the ones that are there certainly get used.

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We played through Darktrooper's, MattHead's and one of my maps (Tenpin) and had a real blast. It doesn't take long for Coop reciprocity to settle in when faced with an often ferocious adversary.

It's always fun to see strategy start to come into effect and how players settle into their niche roles. One at the front flushes them out, the main group bring on the pain, and a rear guard gets a good view of where extra support is needed and picks them off. It was decent gunning and a pleasure to do battle with these gamers.

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