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HaZardModding Coop Mod 60011 comming in December, with many amazing features!

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HaZardModding Coop Mod 60011 comming soon is here!

For several months, polishing and beta testing was conducted on the new version of the
HaZardModding Coop Mod for Star Trek Elite Force II.
And it is packed with new features and bugfixes.

Coop Mod 60011 Header Promo

The new Features will reduce the number of issues players have when selecting a screen resolution.
37 Screen Resolutions are supported with FOV correction which can be saftely test by the user.
The smart autodetecting of the native screen resolutions provides full a alternative to the unsure user.
Also the ability to disable High DPI Scaling for the game Executable is a very helpful assitant.

Video Menu Modifications

For Multiplayer a new feature to detect the Map that the client is missing has been added. Opening the game its base folder and opening the HaZardModding web based Map File Finder that will provide a download link to where the Map can be downloadad from.

Other noticable new features are:
- Mission Resource Managment Menu to allow Equipment selection on new Custom Levels
- Targeting Rectangle and extra Crosshairs are autodisabled if Weapon Aim is enabled
- Improved Widescreen support for many menus and huds
- Toubleshooting assisitant menu with 1 click solutions for common issues
- Votable Challenge, Stick Together as Team
- New NPC Attrexian Automated Cannon, Voyager Holodoctor

- Model animations broken for client or server if to many models are loaded
- Singleplayer: Savegame Issues caused by the Coop Mod
- m9l1b-klingon_base, not loading next level
- m2l2-sfa, possibly getting stuck
- coop_gbs7, possibly crashing when picking up weapons at level end room
- FOV and Renderer Glitch in Singleplayer by Changing weapon or reloading map
- m6-exterior, player getting stuck floating above the map in space not comming down (Singleplayer)

If you get really bored, we have some helpful Videos on Youtube.

DOWNLOAD 60012 now :)

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