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The last preview video this time about another heart system of the game: the conversation system.

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Conversation Editor Preview Video

This is going to be the last editor preview video. The remaining editors (sky editor and so forth) are not that big and most probably not that interesting to people. The start had been the big World Editor so let's end it with the big Conversation Editor. I keep it short this time since the editor has quite a lot of features, tricks and tools all around the place which require some first hand experience with the system to make sense. So I keep it on the surface allowing a glance down the rabbit hole. And depending on what you want to do with the system the hole can be very deep.

As mentioned in the last game video the conversation system is a central point in the game. This is because most game mechanics are designed around using the conversation system. For this reason the system is powerful and generic. I'll show more about these game mechanics later (namely if I get the game content done for which I could use additional help of artists).

Furthermore it's part of the basic game engine installation including game scripts so you can start using it straight away.

Here a little list of what you get:

  • movie script style conversation design
  • supports high dynamic conversations with branching, looping, sub-scripting, re-entrant scripting and more
  • close integration into game environments with variables, triggers, coordinate system entities and location specific filming
  • static and dynamic cameras providing automatic framing and various camera placement parameters
  • sliding camera parameters for animated cameras (paning, zooming and other kinds of camera movements)
  • extendible interactions with actor and the game using custom actor/game specific commands and conditions
  • simple acting using pose specific gestures (using same gesture on different actors, poses or orientations plays out differently)
  • parallel conversation playbacks as long as actors are affected only by one conversation at the same time
  • clever script bridge to make it easy to use all, parts of or nothing of the conversation system in your project
  • dynamic actors/coordSystems making it easy to work with generic actors you don't know in advance

With this here is the video (higher quality YouTube version here) and then I let you run for the weekend.


This time I'll not disclose what's up next. Let yourself be surprised.

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