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Here's what's been happening with the game since the start of October

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Very recently, one of our core members, our 2D Artist, Diego, informed us, that his time to work on the project, would be next to nil. This event, although not helpful project-wise, has been only a minor disruption, as we have already hired a replacement - Felisia. We also put out an advert for a full-time Programmer, as our idea of all pitching-in to do the Programming, with Playmaker's help, had not worked out - a full time Programmer was found, in the form of our new Programmer, Mark. Here's a list of what else has been accomplished since the start of October.

  • The modelling of Glenn Miller is complete; and the texturing is almost complete.
  • The modelling and texturing of Rasputin is complete
  • The rigging of Glenn Miller is virtually complete.
  • Animation of Rasputin is continuing with motion capture.
  • Initial planning is continuing, on the work of modelling the main character Cody Pieterson.
  • Remodelling of our sofa models is underway, so as to reduce the poly count, and speed-up game-play.
  • Construction of the opening 2 storeys (i.e. the 1st Level of the game), is over 5/6 complete.
  • Construction of the 1st Minigame, the Record Maze, is over 4/5 complete.
  • Construction of Conundrum's 2nd Level is over 2/3 complete.
  • Work is underway on the music for cutscene 2, and level 2.
  • Work has begun on the creation of Mini-Puzzles for each level of the demo.
  • Planning is underway for our Kickstarter campaign, so that when the time comes, all we need to do, is set the campaign to go live.

Progress has been slower than we would have liked, during October, as many of our team, were caught up with other commitments. However, production will resume top speed this month. Keep a look out for more game updates next month.

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