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Contra 008 changelog (part 13) Fixed errors, Balance Fixes, Other changes, Maps, Graphics, Sounds and more.

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Attention! The following changes are from 13 March 2012 and are not equal to the current progress. In other words, this changelog is old.

Fixed errors:

- Cyclone cost was set to 400. Fixed.
- Assault general worker cost was too high. Fixed.
- Toxin general could not research Toxin and Acid upgrades in Chemical Bunker. Fixed.
- Toxin and assault generals. Radar Van could not set up stationary radars. Fixed.
- Missile Spider (Dominator). When missile spreads into clusters, they fall before target and don't bring damage sometimes. Fixed.
- Veterancy general's power did not affect Karkadann. Fixed.
- Assault Chinook could not stay in one place - it moved constantly. Fixed.
- Some units (AMOS, Omega, Libra, Hydra, Cyber Commando and AF general Avenger) had wrong position for drone building buttons. So, when you selected them and other units, drone building buttons disappeared. Fixed.
- SW general. Dozer Drop icon was fixed.
- When Dozers get dropped from the plane, they use small parachute. Fixed.
- When Drone Controller launches its drones, the game says "Unit lost". Fixed.
- Guard button disappears sometimes. Fixed.
- When you use cyber general's Data Upload power on veteran units, it gives you money. Fixed (money removed).
- When a cyborg dies, triangles get stretched from its body. Fixed.
- When you destroy GLA Katyusha, Bomb Truck hulk appears. Fixed.
- Efreet and Nuclear Detonator did not bring damage. Fixed.
- GLA Toxin general's Poisoner camo net disappears. Fixed.
- Toxin Tractors exploded trees with their poison. Fixed.
- Sneak Attack ability did not work sometimes. Fixed.
- Luna missiles did not damage cyber general builder robot. Fixed.
- You could not build Internet Center when you played as Infantry general and had over 3 Hackers. Fixed.
- Ionization general's power detonated mines. Fixed.
- Drone Controller had invisibility upgrade icon, but it was not affected by this upgrade. Fixed (icon removed).
- When you research Pulse Engines upgrade, it adds generic blue contrails to F-16, but does not increase its speed. Fixed (blue contrails removed).
- When SW general's heavy dozer gets destroyed, it throws a wheel into air. Fixed.
- Units shot into the center of Omega weapon explosion and Laser Aurora bomb explosion. Fixed.
- Airplane selection hotkeys conflicted with other hotkeys. Fixed.
- China Listening Outposts created smoke in damaged state and thus, revealed themselves. Fixed.
- You could not attack GLA Worker when he was building a minefield. Fixed.
- Neutral AFAR Radar reveals stealth units even when not captured. Fixed.
- Raptors don't attack USA recon drones. Fixed.
- You could not build structures on the place where Assault general's vehicles were destroyed. Fixed.
- When you transfer money to your ally, you spend $5000, while he gets $3000. Fixed.
- Cyber general's drop pods can be landed on water and cyborgs from drop pods walk on this water. Fixed.
- Karakourt's camo net got detached from the turret when turret rotated. Fixed.
- Hydra tried to fire through a mountain. Fixed.
- Bushes were not visible. Fixed.
- When you cancelled Apocalypse Device building, explosion happened. Fixed.
- USA SW's SSM Site uses "S" as a hotkey. Fixed.
- USA Cyber's Burton can build drones to himself before the Drone Uplink Chip upgrade, which enables drone building on infantry. Fixed.
- China Speaker Tower doesn't have falling animation when the player has no power. Fixed. Towers do not require power anymore.
- Cancelled minefield creates building explosion. Fixed.
- Scorch Mark 1 is a little glitchy. Fixed.
- When infantry is wounded, a "get in" cursor appears when you point it at a Command Truck or Stash Truck. Fixed.
- Tech buildings do not appear in the fog when they are destroyed. Fixed.
- When you build AF general's Levitation Pad, scaffolding is dark from the top. Fixed.
- SW Heavy Dozer needs improved lights. Fixed.
- GLA Mortar Buggy. Two back tires are not spinning when moving. Fixed.
- Luna's “legs” worked incorrectly. Fixed.


- Cyber general Drop Pods (which are available in Barracks) can be built at rank 3 now.
- Cyber general Drop Pods. Landing on buildings was forbidden, damage from landing was lowered 3 times.
- Flame general's Propaganda Troop Crawler is not affected by Nuclear Engines upgrade anymore.
- Flame general's Fuel Truck reload time was lowered from 2 to 1 minutes.
- Flame general's Fuel Tube cost was lowered from 600 to 400.
- Guard button was changed. Guarding units will not pursue enemy anymore.
- SW general's mines were moved to rank 3.
- Drone Controller cost was increased from 2100 to 2500.
- China ECM soldier cost was lowered to 400.
- SW general got 2 construction dozers: heavy dozer remained and conventional USA dozer was returned.
- Heavy dozer become 30% more armored. It repairs buildings faster and repairs itself too.
- GLA Supply Truck speed was increased (returned speed from Contra 007).
- Infantry general's artillery (Feng Yong) got 20% less scattering and its shells fly faster.
- GLA Scorpion cost was increased to 700.
- Pave Low reload time was increased (+10% for big missiles and +30% for small missiles). Its “health” was lowered to 25% as well.
- Colossus does not require energy anymore (this removes some bugs).
- Demo general has Technical training power again.
- All Command Centers sight range was increased by 25%.
- Black color was added as a house color for Skirmish and Multiplayer.
- Yan Wang weapon was adjusted slightly. It fires the second missile with bigger delay now. So, it became more convenient to fight many small targets because the second missile doesn't hit dead enemy anymore.
- USA Boss was added.
- Cyber general's drones do not move their turrets randomly now. So, it became more convenient to attack enemy because you don't wait until they turn their turrets.
- TOW Missiles attack range was lowered for Cyber general drones.
- ECM tanks missile deviation field become 10% smaller.
- SW general can build dozers in War Factory too now.
- Cyber general's Orca was replaced with new Raven drone.
- Stealth general's Scorpion was replaced with new Scorpion II (this one is almost the same, but its shells are not deviated by ECM).
- GLA S-60 gun was moved to GLA Boss army, while other GLA generals got new Aladdin AA gun instead.
- Shandian APC is filled with infantry when built.
- Infantry general does not need to build Barracks to access Troop Crawlers now.
- Infantry general's Mobile Barracks (Artillery Caller) was made with manual control only. It does not strike automatically now.
- GLA Barracks do not switch command sets to access bikers. Bikers and regular soldiers are on the same panel. It is more convenient.
- New building: Antiradar missile launcher was added to GLA Stealth general
- New unit: Nemesis was added to USA Cyber general.
- Tomahawk Storm missiles fly faster now.
- New unit: Rig Launcher was added to GLA Assault general.
- New building: Web Defense was added to SW general.
- New unit: Saturn was added to SW general.


- ICBM Missile target marker was redrawn.
- Smoke from missiles was edited.
- Menu background picture was changed (it appears when you turn off the shellmap).
- Cyber general Supply Drop Zones call in drop pods instead of planes now.
- GLA Nuclear Bomb Truck (Efreet) 3D model was changed.
- Laser general's Libra 3D model was changed.
- Cyber general's drop pods textures were changed.
- Cyber general's Leech 3D model was changed.
- AF general's MCV tank was replaced with a new Coyote tank.
- Laser Crusader 3D model was changed.
- ICBM explosion effect was improved.
- China Overlord 3D model was changed.
- China Gauss Tank 3D model was changed.
- GLA Quad Tank 3D model was changed.
- SW general Energy Shield 3D model was changed.
- Laser general MTHEL 3D model was changed.
- AF general super weapon building 3D model was changed.
- China A-100 texture was improved.
- China ZTZ-104 texture was improved.
- China Yan Wang texture was improved.
- USA Insectoid Drone texture was improved.
- Laser general Omega 3D model was changed.
- Cyber general's Chinook was replaced with Harbinger.
- New trees were inserted.


- Omega shooting sound played even after it stopped firing. Fixed.
- GLA “Allah akbar” replic was removed from everywhere.
- GLA worker says "Can I have some shoes" and "I'm hungry" in English. Fixed.
- Rebels' Booby Trap Attacks have English voices like "Booby Trap Ready". Fixed.

Text and descriptions:

- LotD-2 map true name is “Land of the Damned”. Fixed.
- All words “Shahid” and “Terrorist” were replaced with “Suicide bomber”.
- Credits page had many missing strings. Fixed.
- Many typos, grammar errors as well as logical errors were fixed in many unit descriptions.
- GLA Tunnels have more detailed description now.


- "Z" was updated.
- "Fortress" was updated.
- New map: "Thirsty Snake".
- New map: “Land of the Damned 3”.
- New map: "Mountain Rush".
- New map: "Three-way KotH".
- ”Cold Trouble” map had real trouble. Command Center stood too close to resources. Fixed.
- ”Tournament Desert” map had balance problem: GLA could defeat its opponent by putting terrorists into neutral cars. Fixed.
- New map: "Direct Attack".
- "Alpha Beginning" map was fixed (AI did not do anything there).
- ”Tournament Desert” map had too small amount of resources. Fixed.
- New map: "Oil Oasis".
- New map: "Fight on Hills".
- New map: "Oak Valley".
- "Twilight Defense" map was removed (because of mismatches).

For map makers:

- Taking off AN-22 was added. Object is named CINE_AN22Off.
- 24 new landscape textures were added.
- Some objects were brought to order in WorldBuilder selection tree.
- World Builder displayed errors about textures for some objects. Fixed.
- Neutral bunker was added. Object name is TechFieldBunker.
- GLA close combat train was added. Object is named GLAVehicleTrainCombat. Path prefix is Railroad.
- GLA artillery train was added. Object is named GLAVehicleTrainArtillery. Path prefix is Artilroad.
- GLA heavy missile train was added. Object is named GLAVehicleTrainMissile. Path prefix is Missileroad.
- GLA cargo train was added. Object is named GLAVehicleTrainCargo. Path prefix is Cargoroad.
- China close combat train was added. Object is named ChinaVehicleTrainCombat. Path prefix is Railroad.


what payload is a ICBM? yay omega sound fix. boo Political correctness. lol gj

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ThePredatorBG Author

ICBM stands for Intercontinental ballistic missile. It's one of USA Super Weapon general's super weapons. It's available at rank 5. You can see it here -

You can read more about them in Wikipedia -

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icbm only refers to range of the missile, he asked about the payload/warhead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeh ik what it stands for ive known forever lol. i asked what its payload is. its obviously not nuclear saddly lol

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terrorist wrote: Allah akbar!

Yeah, it's surprising that making a game with a terrorist organisation was no problem 10 years ago, but even mod teams no longer dare to touch on Middle-East Stereotypes.

In comparison, you can bet a ten quid on it that there are plenty of American and Asian stereotypes.

I support every developer, professional or hobby, in their right of expression. It's your change and I accept that. On the other hand, I would also defend you if you were to stick to your own plans, even if that insults others.

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Object Status
Game installed READY
Hamachi installed READY
Friends READY
Best mod ever WAITING
(CONTRA 008)

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I suggest not every supplies are full in the map,while Tournament Desert's a bug anyway...but truly is interesting when playing this map online.
General Power "Fair"(maybe this name)will cause a mismatch when you use the second time,does it fixed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ThePredatorBG Author

Which general's power do you mean? For which general is it?

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ThePredatorBG Author

There is no general's power called "Fair". Do you mean fake army creation or fake base? Or something else? What does the general's power do?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I only remember the clear the icon is "Fair" with a round yellow button background,the effect is let emeny attack themselves.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do you mean the selected enemy units become berserk and attack random places?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i come to moddb click updates i see Contra08, YES, YES ohh wait..Its a changelog..Fuc*

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ThePredatorBG Author

You'll see Contra 008 Beta release in the following updates. Perhaps it will be the next update. :)

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I noticed that the toxin general's quad cannon emplacement doesn't hit infantry very well instead it hits the terrain could you fix that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yeah, especially when they are close to the site.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ThePredatorBG Author

We are discussing it now. You will receive an answer later.

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ThePredatorBG Author

Here's an answer from Creator:
"Actually, all rapid fire guns have small scatter and hit small area around. It is not about quad cannon only. This feature is under question and will be possibly removed from all guns."

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Give us Contra08 for Xmas

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ThePredatorBG Author

It will be released as soon as possible. Some models are being inserted and final changes are being made.

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I'm not sure why the artillery caller is also named as mobile barracks?
Also why it is very big? Just designating the target for artillery strikes doesn't need that big, if the transport is available otherwise?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ThePredatorBG Author

Artillery Caller turned into Mobile Barracks in 008. It still calls an artillery barrage, but also trains infantry. Model might be changed in the future.

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