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Second part of work made: Contra 008 changelog (part 2) Fixed errors, Balance Fixes, Other changes.

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Contra 008 changelog (part 2)

Fixed errors.

- All: Some vehicles (Ambulance and Engineering TC) did not have immunity to radiation. Fixed.
- China: Signal mines don't destroy structures with 0% completion state anymore.
- USA: Bunker busters kill infantry properly now.
- Super Weapon general: Cyclone missile logic has been fixed. All 5 mini-missiles hit ground targets now.
- Toxin general: Luna toxin missile spawned 2 clouds at once: green and purple ones. Fixed.
- Toxin general: Destroyed Crop Duster had pink nose. Fixed. Its skin has been redrawn too.
- Toxin general: Crop Duster toxin trail was not visible when attacking in groups. Fixed.
- Tank general: Tank training general's power did not effect Banshee and Earth shaker. Fixed.
- Tank general: Tanks exited mass production factory did not go to rally point. Fixed.
- Stealth general: Buggy Ammo upgrade did not affect fake buggy. It allowed to distinct real and fake vehicles. Fixed.
- Assault general: Recycling ability recovered Desert Cruiser tank and thus, allowed to have multiple Desert Cruisers in tournament mode. Fixed. Recycling does not effect Desert Cruiser anymore.
- Flame general: A-100 had incorrect headlights. Fixed.
- Flame general: Ka-29 Helix bombs did not explode when they fell on a bridge. Fixed.
- Cyber general: Helicopter engine sound played when Hecate was shot down. Fixed. Hecate death sound has been changed.
- Cyber general: Drop pods could not open if they get on a bridge. Fixed.

Text and descriptions changes.

- Hero limit is 1 unit, but it was written "no more than 3". Corrected.
- EMP upgrade description corrected.
- Gattling TC description corrected.
- Nuclear Storm description corrected.

Balance changes.

- USA: Strategy center bonuses were changed. All battle plans give 15% bonuses now.
- USA: Dozer Engine upgrade moved from Command Center to Dozers. It is individual upgrade now, which costs 300.
- Super Weapon general: Tomahawk Storm and Particle Cannon are not limited in Tournament Mode now.
- Laser general: Omega Cannon receives +30% firepower from Control Rods upgrade now.
- Laser general: Stealth Generator upgrade for Omega Cannon makes it stealth when moving too.
- Cyber general: Chinook can transport units now, but can not build drones.
- Cyber general: Ground Droids require 2 places in Chinook now. It prevents Chinook from having 8 flying drones around.
- Cyber general: Infantry can not build drones in the beginning, but receives this ability later, after new upgrade at 3rd rank. Thus, players can have Chinook with 4 flying drones for $4800 at 1st rank and Chinook with 8 flying drones for $6400 at 3rd rank.
- Cyber general: Stormtroopers weakened yet again. They have less armor and forepower now.
- Flame general: Immolator and A-100 build time reduced a bit. A-100 cost decreased slightly too.
- Flame general: Iron Fist can build Vortex Cannon addon now.
- Flame general: TC comes with 4 Flamethrowers and 4 Tank Hunters now.
- Infantry general: Battle Fortress has 10% less health and 10% less repair speed now.
- GLA: All demo traps require Barracks now.
- GLA: Flak gun has invisible shells now.
- Demo general: Nuclear bomb truck can not be put into tunnels now.
- Demo general: All mine deployment general's powers recharge for 5 min 30 sec. now (was 5 min).
- Demo general: Minefield requires Arms Dealer now.
- Demo general: Dolphins are more costy and need less range to lock on target.
- Demo general: Cockroach got a new ability: temporary invisibility. It makes Cockroach stealth for 10 sec. and reloads for 45 sec.
- Stealth general: Saboteur Ambush general's power has 1 level now. Sniper Ambush has 3 levels.

Other changes.

- Stealth general: Fake Radar Vans can be built now.
- Assault general: Stinger upgrade for Marauder has been removed. Marauders are built with Stingers by default.
- Assault general: Triple-barrelled Marauder upgrade has been removed.
- Toxin general: Scolopendra can spill acids around itself like Toxin Tractor does.
- Death Hand, Elbrus and King of Fire are immune to neutron weapons now. It prevents players from having multiple such untis in tournament mode.
- Air Force general: Prerequisites adjusted. Each building which required small levitation pad, requires small OR big pads now. So, it is not necessary to build small levitation pads. You can build big ones only.
- Menu button sounds changed.


- Lighting was fixed on "Homeland Alliance" map. Craters will not be blue anymore.
- "Turtledom" map removed.
- Added 3 new maps: "Lot-D", "Advantages" and "Hill Fortress". I wanted to add Tri-Pong too, but it needs to be more accurate and more detailed.


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