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First part of work made: Contra 008 changelog (part 1) Fixed errors, Balance Fixes, Other changes.

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First part of work made:

Contra 008 change log (part 1)

Fixed errors:

- Flame general: Flame turret did not attack automatically. Fixed.
- Artillery Caller, Nuke Cannon and Demolisher could not move backwards. Fixed.
- Infantry general: ATGM operator did not get promotion from infantry training generl's power. Fixed.
- Toxin General: He could get Inflammable Acids upgrade at rank 1 by researching Black Napalm in captured China War factory. Fixed.
- All China: Hackers could get experience when they disabled buildings. It allowed player to get 5th rank quickly. Fixed.
- SW general: Power Plant Mine Detonation ability does not detonate friendly mines anymore.
- SW general: Avenger does not require 1 electricity point anymore.
- Tank general: Artillery shells (general's power) don't hang in air anymore.

Balance Fixes:

- All: Rank 1 soldiers (rebels, rangers, red guards) have equal firepower, cost and health now. Further starting conditions balancing is planned too: Minigunner, Toxin Rebel, Cyborg and Flamethrower will be weak in the very beginning, but they will receive upgrade later.
- All USA: Microwave tanks kill building garrisons slower now.
- AF general: Special airfield requires Supply Center only. It does not require small airfield anymore.
- AF general: SLID fires 2 times slower.
- Cyber general: Cluster Tomahawks general's power reload time lowered from 7 to 6 minutes.
- Cyber general: Cyber Commando requires both rank 3 Data Upload and rank 3 Drop pods now.
- Cyber general: Drone Controller respawns lost Medusas 2 times faster.
- SW general: Burton can install up to 10 disabling devices now.
- Laser general: All mines removed.
- Laser general: Laser Comanche has another damage type now. They will not destroy AA units so quickly anymore.
- All China: Supply Trucks can not run over infantry anymore (except Tank general's supply truck).
- All China: Jammer Trooper has higher reaction time and longer attack range.
- Tank general: War Factory deployment general's power reload time decreased from 6 to 5 minutes.
- Tank general: Tank Hunters cost 400 (was 500).
- Tank general: Automatic rifles upgrade moved to Barracks and available at rank 3.
- Tank general: Supply truck has less armor.
- Infantry general: Barracks deployment general's power reload time decreased from 5 to 4 minutes.
- Nuke general: Stable Isotopes upgrade costs 1500 now (was 2500).
- Nuke general: Nuclear Bullets upgrade gives a bit less firepower bonus now, its cost increased to 4000 and research time - to 2 minutes.
- Flame general: Science Lab requires 10 electricity points now (was 15).
- All GLA: Shoes upgrade moved to rank 1.
- All GLA: Kill Garrison general's power reload time decreased from 4 to 2 minutes.
- All GLA: Radar Van moves slower.
- All GLA: Supply Truck moves faster.
- Demo general: Impairment general's power can steal up to $3000 money now (was $1000).
- Stealth general: Anti-radar missiles upgrade moved to Palace and available at rank 3.
- Stealth general: Fake Units general's power reload time decreased from 5 to 3 minutes.
- Stealth general: Fake Base general's power reload time decreased from 6 to 5 minutes.
- Stealth general: Radar Van is invisible from the beginning.

Other changes:

- SW general: SSM Site attacks buildings automatically now.
- SW general: Particle Armor upgrade has been removed.
- Demo general: Dirty Bomb upgrade has been removed.
- Trees cracking sound was made quiet.
- Missile trail has been redrawn.


first comment :D Contra was always my favourite mod for ZH i even like it more than my own mod :P I liek how you guys came back from the dead and i wish you luck in the future up to hopefully the full release of Contra.

also was the mod named after the NES game "Contra"?

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contra 008 is something i cant wait for :D

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I hope you guys put some new units in 008.

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Or maybe re-enable generals challenge with a challenging boss general! :D

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It would be very nice if you guys can actually replace the RQ-9 Dark Star with F-117 Nighthawk for USA Air Force General in the upcoming Contra 008 mod. AF General without F-117 is slightly less fun to play with.

For me, I normally play Air Force General. Imagine an airforce consisting of F-16. F-18, F-22, F-35, F-117 and Aurora Alpha bomber. Well, can seriously rape any enemy. :D

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Taran.UA Author

F-117 decommissioned (Retirement) in December 2006...

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why'd you guys removed the microwave and laser mines? they were very useful. get an ARV into battle, purchase mines, and let it move around dropping mines.

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be sure to change the last challenge with leang... the exp gain is ridiculously low

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