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Continuum has now been turned into a FPS/Racing game with lots of new features and 3 modified racer's & 1 racing apponent (Additional apponents are planned).
Continuum velocity beta will be released some time in August hopefully so people can check it out and post ideas and improvements that will be helpfull in the development of this mod.

New Race Cars features :

* Nitros Boost feature activated with the "p" Key
* 2 K-Volts attatched to the racers and fully working with the "o" Key , racers can fire on apponents & vice versa
* If a racer lands upside down press "u" key to flip over
* Cubemaps now auto change depending on the area, simulating Real Time Reflections
* The racing vehicle's handling, speeds, camera's all tweaked via XML (Faster acceleration better handling higher top speeds better grip better powerslides & drifting)
* Customized cameras for the racers with FOV & auto rotation
* Realistic headlights and headlight shafts
* Custom Spoilers for each racer
* Custom vehicle names when entering a vehicle

Level Design updates & New Features :

* Whole map optimized for performance is now more than 50% higher than the Continuum Beta ( Belive me this map has been Heavily and I mean Heavily optimized)
* Speedway added with big jumps
* New tunnels & areas added (Extensive challenging race tracks planned)
* Fully working Target range with moving targets
* Particle Galaxy's & The spacestation have been put into the main map

Features to be implemented (wip features) :

* Flyable spaceship
* Flyable cars
* Slow motion with custom camera views
* NFS style checkpoints for races
* Extensive racetracks with lots of tight bends and jumps/loops
* Imersive custom SFX
* Swarmers attatched to Racers (WIP) Target system needs improved
* Jaws attatched to Racers (WIP) Target system needs improved
* Targeting & Auto Targeting system for all weapons
* Overhall of weapon particle fx (this will improve performance in firefights & explosions by 50%)
* Custom Weapon skins
* Computer system's inside each race vehicle (WIP)
* Animated Sound system's inside each racer with custom trance music made in FL Studio
* Animated spoilers & wings & Homing missiles (All Retractable) for racers (WIP)

Credits :

Thanks to Sava for his Drivable Vehicles mod that made this Mod Idea Possible !
The SpaceShip in one of the screenshots was made by Kingdan with a custom texture.

Additional Info :

If you have the correct controller (PC 360 controller) you will be able to drive thease cars with a controller !

Pine City will not be included into Continuum this is for one reason, Pine City is in it's own Mod structure and due to the amount of custom textures would take too much time & effort to move it into the Continuum Mod AND it would make the Continuum mod huuge in Gigabytes ! .
A new city map will be made for Continuum in the near future so users can race around realistic city enviroments.

Download here

Continuum Velocity Mod Page (Screenshots & mod details)

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