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Still working on creating level5...Run function test, doesn't work, try another method, doesn't work, same below.

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Hi there.
Still working on creating level5...
Run function test, doesn't work, try another method, doesn't work, same below (I'm not using that difficult function though). Still, I'm having trouble setting tags according to the rules, but for some reason it often doesn't work. And the editor crashes frequently. Sigh...

Well, I'm working on it, slowly but surely...

level5 dynamic slope

I've used SECT SPIKE for the first time as shown in the image above, and it's quite interesting. I'm planning to use it a lot after level 6. I'd like to combine it with sector object.

level5 Indoor passage

just ripper pops out of the "?" box lol...not very clever.

level5 trap

Tough trap combining SECT SLIDER and conveyor (SECT CURRENT) in a small space.

level2 secret

Awesome present from anime girl! It's just one of many secrets, but it should be very valuable because it's a tough phase of the battle (it might get rejected :p I'll have to start a major rework of level2 soon...

See you next time.

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Outstanding work

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