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I'll be posting here, some reasons I delete the link Stalker SHOC MMZ. Check here the news I have to report.

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A few days posted a novelty here in Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™, a link sent directly to the page on 'SHOC' Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™, but after a few days, I had to delete the link, for such reasons.

The ModDB when it authorizes a mod, you have to have some images of him, and his ongoing progress.
The problem is that I had the images, and would also post the progress, but my time was so precise, that I had not the opportunity to do some image uploads.

But that does not mean that the mod is lost.
Soon I will post in ModDB again 'SHOC' Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™, so peopl to you guys a little patience.

Since we are talking about the MMZ of SHOC, I will post a very interesting novelty, it is not a promise, but I and the ZkkaLuus we are sure that this will occur as expected.

The idea of ​​me and ZkkaLuus is to add to DirectX 10 Stalker in Shadow of Chernobyl, and make a complete change in the visual effects of the game.

(What? Make a complete change in the visual effects of the game?)

Change the effects of anomalies, add effects rain, sun, fog, sunlight, the moon lighting, set lighting, ambient lighting, lighting anomalies, re-modify the original visual effects, and add more effects.

I think it might be a good idea to do this.
Good for today is only that.
Wait until the mod is 100% posted here on ModDB.

FioritoBr ™

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