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We made some of the final editing touches to our story and we are now satisfied with our work. We don't want to release our Custom Story befor Amnesia: A machine for pigs, or shortly after that. That means that we are going to be fixing all bugs and of course, we are going to play Amnesia: A machine for pigs.

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Where are you with your project?

Amnesia: The Hunt is almost finished. Only thing delaying our release date is Amnesia: A machine for pigs. We want to play Amnesia: A machine for pigs as well. We are going to fix all bugs till Machine for pigs. Than we are going to play it and when it's done, we are going to release it.

What did you add?

Previous versions of The Hunt was just scare related and we wanted to make a scary experience without jump-scares. That was our goal and I think we did well. We have a new member of our group that is specialized at story correction, he made our project looks awesome. His story was so awesome, that we all agreed that we are going to make another trailer/teaser for you guys. I will spoil one thing... Kate will not be playable character.

What will be special about the story?

Our story is now full of twists and logic, that means that you are not going to fall right into action, but there will be a kinda long first seqence, that will introduce you to our world and who you are, who is your character, what is he like (yes, he...) so you can sympathyse with him. Also we will release a version with skipable intro, so if The Hunt crashes, you don't need to watch the whole intro again. Also we use it for our testing methodes, but we are going to release it.

Trailer is comming soon...

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