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Generals Continue V2.03 Update

[New official maps]
1. Archipelago[Naval Battle]

00 4

05 1

2. Tournament Island[Naval Battle]

02 6

3. Naval Master[Naval Battle]


04 1

4. Reliable Resources
5. Aries Woodland
6. Armed Neighbours
7. Borderlands Desertion
8. Rundown District
9. Siege Island
10. Southern Falcon
11. Tournament Coastline

1. Ohio submarine training time increased from 15s to 20s
2. Reduced the aircraft carrier HP from 2000 to 1500, Carrier aircraft are more likely to be shot down
3. Missouri Battleship HP reduced from 1000 to 800

1. Fixed an issue where the EMP effect of the J-10 fighter could not be applied to air units
2. Modified the model and icon of the Han-class submarine, now the ability attribute is equivalent to the Ohio submarine

06 2

3. Dreadnought battleship HP reduced from 800 to 600

1. Fixed Bug where Demolition, Toxin, and Junk Salvage general Ancient cannon could not be sold.
2. DemolitionBoat damage range increased
3. Kassade General adds Armor killer ship
4. The cost of all Armor killer ship is reduced by 100, and the health of 400 is increased to 450
5. The cost of all Sea Launcher ship is reduced by 100, and the health of 200 is increased to 300

By:Continue Production team
Maps Author 4-11:Adriane


That’s great!

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how can I download these battle maps?

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you can now? it's on files

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Please, unlock the naval forces for all maps because I've downloaded 300 maps contain seas or oceans but cannot find the naval forces so please make it support any maps(official or unofficial)

Hopefully this can be fixed.

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Hello, developers. I will use a broken Google translator because I don't know English. I hope they understand. In "Challenge" there are big bugs: the Tank General just stops building troops, although he has money, and the Nuclear General runs out of money, since there are no hackers, and he can't build troops either. Prince Kassad's ancient cannon does not fire at the enemy, if it is not detected by the detector, you have to aim manually. Sometimes it is impossible to activate the General's abilities from the panel, just the cross shows, but there is no pressing. And everything works from the command center. And that's just what I remembered. Then I'll find it and unsubscribe. In General, you need to specifically deal with the "Challenges", there are a lot of bugs

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