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This mod is based on changing uniforms and infantry units. Here I post a summary of the changements that I have produced.

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ATTENTION: an Axis squad displays svastics. I don't know what law is in your country, but in many places showing nazi symbols (especially in
videogames) is forbidden.
I think that history can not be changed and must be known, so that we can hate what a symbol is, understanding what it represents.
All teams have new infantry squads, some of them buildable only after tech tree upload. Large part of them have new textures and some of them have

US new squads:
Recruits new skin
Camo Infantry new skin
Sarge New Skin rolevariation
Engineers with grenades
Medic rolevariation
Command squad Lieutenant/Captain
Marines new skin
Infantry with many grenades new skin rolevariation
AT paratroopers new skin
CQB Paratroopers
AT rangers rolevariation
CQB rangers
Infantry with 'greasers' new skin
Elite Infantry new skin rolevariation

Commonwealth new squads:
Scouts new skin
Boys AT squad new skin
Medic new skin
Gentlemen new foolish skin
Tommies with STEN new skin
Tommies with BREN new skin
Tommies with many weapons new skin rolevariation
Moving AT guns
Captain wiht Tommy carrying radio rolevariation
Commando sappers new skin rolevariation
Commandos with heavy weapons new skin
commando sniper new skin
Tommy Sniper rolevariation
Command jeep
Tank commanders
Support Staghound
French Partisans new skin
Moving mortar rolevariation
Bofors without emplacement

Axis new squads:
Volksgrenadieren Recruits
Repair Volksgrenadieren new skin
Medic new skin
Korporal new skin rolevariation
Light infantry new skin rolevariation
Hitlerjugend new skin rolevariation
Grenadiers from the eastern front new skin
Elite grenadiers new skin rolevariation
Heavy weapons squad rolevariation
LMG squad rolevariation
SS stormtroopers new skin
SS sniper new skin
SS heavy weapons new skin rolevariation
Light transport

Panzer SS new squads:
Panzergrenadieren with Gewehr 43 new skin
Heavy weapons squad
Paradropping Paratroopers

Commonwealth, Axis and US Forces have new defensive structures, garrisonable or other.
I have also added:

A commonwealth new emplacement, from wich it is possible to call specialized units.
Axis' SS barracks, with a new structure.
Panzer Elite has a garage for panzers, with a new structure.
Weapons, costs and reload times rebalanced!

AI changed:
STANDARD now means: very strong but very defensive
HARD now means: strong but stupid
HARDEST now means: strong and aggressive

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