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I'm quite happy to announce, that all new added stuff is successfully build in. Several new things were added to the mod, like dynamic campfires and blowouts.

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New added stuff:

  • blowouts (had to disable them, they are causing errors)
  • artifact activation
  • all artifacts will glow, crappy artifacts like jellyfish will glow much more then a soul or a goldfish
  • all artifacts have a fitting weight compared to their physical appearance
  • dynamic campfire
  • dynamic HUD
  • HUD redesigned
  • new icon for artifacts and bullets
  • bushes will slow down while running
  • suit relations (become a bandit.. by wearing a bandit suit... or just walk pass them, but never wear the bandit suit in the bar... OO*)
  • more radio songs in the bar (raised from 1 to 23)
  • new binocular
  • alpha masks for the npc profile pics

I'm still adjusting the damage for mutants. A snork for example will take much damage until it dies if you not hit it at the right spot. This will happen with every mutant you will meet.
How to know where the weakspot is? Hmm... ask around, maybe someone can give you a hint.

The redesign of the HUD changes a lot. Most things were moved, some were deleted.
You will not be able to see how many contacts are online displayed by the number at the minimap.
Either you won't hear any beeps at a contact.
Health, stamina and suit condition are now together in the lower right corner.

Project illusion dynamic HUD...
It will add several effects like when getting hit, bleeding, radiation and it will make aiming harder.
If you want to aim properly you have to crouch and aim manually.
Shooting from the hips won't have good results.

Medkits won't heal that much anymore.
The rate of healing from all medkits is lowered and so even the best one won't heal you 100%.
Bandages will only stop bleeding, no more healing.

Food will also just give you a tiny bit of healing and not that much than before.

Weight system...
The normal weight is set to 40kg.
All suits will have bonuses for weight, depending on their physical look.
A suit from stalker, with backpack and many pouches will give you +30kg.
A ecolog suit, with all its protection stuff and breathing system and no backpack, or pouches will give you only +5kg.
Until 40kg you are able to sprint easily, but above it will slow you down.
Try to avoid it by using artifacts and think which equipment you really will need on your next journey.
[This is not quite satisfying because I would like to lower the normal weight more, but that won't work so good after all. No person at all will sprint for miles with 40kg on his back... but here we go, thats the weight system for this mod.]

This and some more things I forgot will make your life harder in the zone.

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