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An overview of the features that I've added over the past week or so: new skills, bugfixes, and more.

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Lets start with new skills for the Barbarian, as this is what everyone wants to hear for the most part.

Requires Level 6 ; No Prerequisite
Hurl a grenade that detonates after a period of time.

Human Evolution
Requires Level 6; Requires Inheritance
Passive; Increases critical strike chance on all weapons.

Human Hybridism
Requires Level 6; Requires Inheritance
Passive; Increases stamina and Charge damage

Requires Level 1; No Prerequisite
Cast to increase gold and magic find for a period of time.

Consume Corpse
Requires Level 18; Requires Human Hybridism
Cast on a corpse to consume a corpse for health. Does not work on undead corpses.

Teamwork (Formerly Bureaucracy)
Requires Level 24; Requires Human Evolution
Cast to increase damage and effects from Paladin marker abilities

On to bugfixes:

Fixed a damage-related glitch with Vengeance
Now Vengeance does proper damage, before spell damage had no effect.

Fixed a display glitch with Zeal and Charge
No longer displays 'This skill receives bonuses from...' below.

Fixed the two stat point bug.
Now you receive all five stat points upon leveling up

Fixed the Block display bug
Now, Block lists what it does. (In the past it listed resistances and defense increase when it only increased defense.)

Fixed Experience Flags description
Now the description isn't screwy

Fixed Holy Shield Bug
Now Holy Shield requires Blessed Hammer and Enchanted Zeal (Instead of Blessed Hammer and Charge, which is wrong)

Fixed Synergy Display Bugs
For Holy Shield, Blessed Hammer, Fist of the Heavens, and Vengeance

With the release of this news, I am now declaring that if you download Rebirthe 0.04 within the first 24 hours that it is released, you get an inside guide to secret recipes and hidden synergies!

Also, I will be hosting some PvP games via TCP/IP in the week following the release of Rebirthe 0.04. More info on that will come soon.

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