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Here's what I have been working on so far, including mostly weapons, but other smaller things as well, such as music, textures, sounds, shaders, etc!

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Hey there! In this article, I will explain what I have been working on and what I got working in the mod so far!

Build Era Weapons:

Most of the textures are lifted from Build 2571, except for two. The Vintorez has a very old texture from Build 1472, while the Gauss Rifle has its original texture from Build 2205.
Alongside weapon textures, their icons were swapped out to older iterations as well, for most of the rifles and such, that is. As for pistols, only the PB and the PM had an icon change, most of the other ones look the same.
The weapon sounds are quite varied but are all from the older builds of the game.
Most guns got their Build 2571 damage values back. They are a lot higher than the vanilla game, often being 1.5 - 2 times bigger, which means that taking down foes is a lot easier, but you also die a lot quicker. Pistols are a lot more potent, and shotguns are very powerful. I also had to adjust the in-game UI damage calculation, because the damage bar would max out on a lot more weapons because of this!
A select few weapons also got their old attachments and such back, for instance, both AKs now accept silencers, and the Groza can now also accept both a silencer and a PSO-1 scope! The PM and PB had a magazine size change as well, with the PM now holding 12, while the PB holds 7 rounds!

New Weapons:

The only new weapon so far is the BM-16, which replaces the sawn-off shotgun. Its statistics are the same, but it cannot zoom in. Interestingly, disabling the zoom functionality gave the gun back its duplet fire mode, where it fires both shots at once! It also received a new name and description!
There are also other weapons in the works, like the MAC-10 and the Stechkin APS!


MAC-10 W.I.P

The MAC-10 model was made by shadept, thank you very much! Check out his ModDB profile here:

Other smaller things:

Honestly, the shaders from Build 3120 look very nice overall. The mornings have this bit of orange shading to them, and the nights are also darker. Thinking about it, the game overall is a little bit darker, but the shadows do seem to be stronger. The shader only applies to the R2 rendering, so it only works with the Dynamic Renderer options.
The hand texture for the weapons is lifted from Build 1472, and the footstep sounds as well!
The PDA sounds are swapped out as well, although they arent from STALKER, but Codename Outbreak, a game from GSC that came out in 2001. STALKER borrows sounds from Codename Outbreak in its very early builds, like footstep sounds, but the first Oblivion Lost trailer also uses a sound effect from it for its trailer.
There's also a new menu theme from MoozE, a cut multiplayer track called Mechanized Patrol.

This is it, for now! I will bring more updates to you in the future! Stay tuned!

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