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Aquaria: Sacrifice finally gets a world map! New content, in the form of a massive level and arena system, is bolstered by a multitude of changes from player feedback.

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I put together a video on YouTube that shows the new additions (below) but if for some reason you like to read please continue. It should be noted that the world map shown in the video was a very early version that was much improved during beta.

World Map courtesy of some masterful coding work by Edwards with modifications by Yogoda. This was by far the most requested addition and I'm glad to finally include it.

New Level (Naija, Fedor, and Elena go on an Adventure) accessed from the Veil allows Elena (avatar) to ride and control an ancient turtle in exploring this demented map.

Arena System (located in new map) features hardcore combat maps, navigation puzzles (still in development), and a boss rush mode of bosses from the original game. Old Fred keeps track of your best times and more maps are planned to be released in the future.

Other Various Changes (check out the v1.05 patch notes for a complete list of recent changes)
- more hints have been added
- a save crystal has been added near the beginning of the Abyss
- new modular dialogue tree code


I might buy the game because of this. And the music for the video was sick, who are/is this music artist?

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vxthebear Author

The music is Bloom by Scale the Summit.

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Oh god thank you!
This game is such an underrated gem of amazing quality and craftsmanship. Any mod that helps extend its life is most welcome and I foolishly forgot about this mod even though I have an older version downloaded. Time to download and get re-immersed :)

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