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An update on the progress of Chapter 3, as well as a hint of what is to come!

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Hell o again, everyone!

Production of Chapter 3 is coming to a close. All maps are constructed and furnished, only scripting elements remain. That said, assuming I can stay focused long enough to get it all done, the chapter, and therefore the story, should be done within the next day or two. Afterwards, I will be doing some very intensive testing on my own to ensure everything works before releasing it to the beta testers for one last round.

Many people have told me how good my custom story is, and although I don't believe them most of the time because of my overly-self-critical personality, I greatly appreciate the compliments nonetheless. That said, I wanted to give Abduction an ending unlike any other, an ending which will not only satisfy the player in terms of story, but also in terms of gameplay.

The final map in Abduction will feature that which I have never seen before in any other custom story, something which I hope will give players a strong sense of accomplishment upon completing. Some players may find it out of place, and it very well might be, but I had fun making it and I hope that even if it breaks immersion, it will be fun for all who play it.

Thank you all again for your support and feedback, it is greatly appreciated as I draw ever closer to the release of the conclusion to Abduction.


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