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Factions, Weapons, Vehicles and Units. please refer to the first post for more information about the mod. 29/07/09

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Hello residents of moddb... we have another update for you,

These are the factions that will be in the mod:
Tallarn Desert Raiders 2nd Army (Imperial Guard)
Ultramarines 4th Company (Space Marines)
Chaos Cult on the Imperial planet of Golgotha (Chaos)

Here's the weapons that will most likely appear in the completed mod:
Heavy Bolter
Bolt pistol
Gauss Flayer
Longlas (sniper rifle)
Missile Launcher
Grenade Launcher

any ideas will be appreciated just leave a comment or send our public relations team an email at

Here are the vehicles that will hopefully be in the end result of the mod:
Valkyrie Vendetta
Vulture Gunship
Leman Russ Vanquisher
Land Speeder

The units featured will be:
Space Marine
Space Marine sergeant
Necron Heavy Destroyer
Necron Warrior
Chaos Cultist
Chaos Space Marine

We are also recruiting experienced modelers.

Our first concept art has been uploaded and you can expect more of better quality in the next day or two. Within the week we should have some concept sounds made up for the gauss flayer.

Tallarn Concept

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