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I have completed the land portion of the modifications to the Zann Consortium. Check out the downloads page.

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I have completed the land portion of the modifications to the Zann Consortium. Check out the downloads page.

I really got sick of just building tons of Canderous Tanks and
driving them across the battlefield. Now Zann has effective support for
the Canderous from infantry and artillery. All Zann Consortium land
units are also much more expensive and can be upgraded with new
abilities via the black market. I updated the black market order and
prices to reflect the scope of these changes. All buildings garrison
more, but do not have infinite reserves.
-The Grand Arena: This new building offers suplimental income in
the form of gambling. You could make lots of money, or even loose a

-The Repusorlift Jammer: Now has shields! Removed the requirement of
having a factory to build it.

-Ground Turrets: With no turbolaser turrets, I figure the consortium
could use slightly better turrets. Turrets are now shielded. Because
Zann doesn't have large bubble shields but shields his buildings
directly, it makes sense that he would shield his turrets, too. Mass
driver turrets have point defense lasers and torpedo turrets have sensor
jammers built in.

-Grenadiers: These mercs can now purchase carbonite guns on the
black market as a secondary weapon.

-Pulse Tank: Removed the shields and made this a faster; more
maneuverable light artillery tank. It can be equipped with a sensor
jammer, too. I got sick of Plex Soldiers killing me with one shot.
Plasma cannon now bypasses shields and has a small area of effect.

-Canderous: Did away with it's cheesy special ability. Now it has
point defense lasers. Added a single advanced concussion missile

-The MAL: Now is effective long range artillery. Equipped with boron
("radioactive") missiles it can lay down devastating cover fire.
Upgrade the warheads with carbonite and greatly impede the enemy's
ability to fight back. Still lightly armored, and with a long reload,
it's best to keep them well out of the enemy's range. Also makes it
worth investing in light armored vehicles and speeders if you play
against Zann.

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