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No more paid mods=) and internet issues=(................................

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Let me congratulate everyone on the fact that paid mods have been crushed in their cradle! As one the community stood together against paid mods and Valve listened to reason. Jedjtl has been unable to post due to internet issues but he wanted me to assure everyone that our mod was never going to be paid. Even if we were not dealing with a licensed franchise we would never do that sort of thing!
On a less bright note Jedjtl has been experiencing internet issues and is trying to resolve them. However, he has continued work on the mod and soon, when his internet is back, I think he will have something to share with you guys.


Good news, I didn't liked this paid mod thing too, that was very disapointing from Valve...

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TheRealSPQRLegate Author

Well lets give credit where it is due. Valve did listen to reason in the end and that is more than can be said for many companies these days.

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