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:D today i beat zelda for the fifth time. status updates and boss info. have fun reading. yeah.

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Today i beat zelda for the fifth time. i figured out haw many hits with each sword most enemys take. i have the positions of items down. ive even coded in manhandla using pathfing. it uses a random path every time you enter the room so it seems intelligent. coded in the health potions(blue and red). wand is a bit overpowered but working on its code. sprites done for almost every pickup. coding in rupees(they act weird). gibdos are giving some trouble. i was fight testing the darknuts and one came through a wall XD.


enemy sprites: 30%
player sprites: 40% (green done, need red and blue)
boss code: 5%
enemy code: 5%
items code: 30%
item sprites: 75%
lua build is coming along well :D works pretty basicly on my psp which i unbricked WOO

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