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That's right, Conflict Terra finally goes public with its first release!

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After several months of grueling and painful work, Conflict Terra is finally version 1.0 and released to the public. That's right, you can finally see what we've been working on! Go to the Download Page to grab it!

We are still very much in the Beta stage of development, indeed the stage where most Spring projects linger eternally. This means that, especially now, heavy attention will be paid to user feedback, concerning gameplay balance, gameplay usability, and bug reports. We ask that anyone who has any feedback contact us so we can make our game better! There are a few ways to go about this:

E-mail and IM are perhaps the most immediate way to contact us.


Sanada_Ujio: SanadaUjiosan
Oksnoop2: Oksnoop2

Sanada_Ujio: Sanada_Ujio
Oksnoop2: captainbigfoot2

Posting in our subforum on the SpringRTS boards is also a good way to get a hold of us.

Conflict Terra Subforum
If you'd like to be a little more formal, you can submit an Issue on our googlecode page. This way you can cut out the middle man and immediately post something that we'll work on.

Conflict Terra Issues

And, of course, you can post here on ModDB!

A series of wiki pages for our game are being made, serving as documentation for the units and mechanics in our game. You can check them out in our wiki.

Conflict Terra Wiki

We hope you enjoy our game, and that you can help us make it better.

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