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The game no longer listed on my profile, plus what I'm up to.

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Hi everyone, it is I again.

The game no longer seems to be listed on my profile. It was an absolute pain in the bee-hind to find again. For a second I thought it had been deleted or banned. Glad to see it's still here. Site maintenance or something? I got quite scared for a minute. This profile was a little annoying to set up and I dreaded it being gone whilst other fan-games were still here.

Anyway, back to business! As you can see, I now have the HD plugin for this game. Looks okay, doesn't it? Everything was re-done from scratch to fit the new screen resolution. It lags just a tiny bit, but that's because I think my laptop is getting a bit slow from using it so much. haha All in nifty Adobe Fireworks (yes, it still exists) The higher-resolution also allowed my fonts to actually look better and not so scrunched up. My plans for the immediate future are to keep working on the Character selection screen, animating the beginning of the title screen, finishing up the redesigned menus and perhaps making more inner sound banks. I am finalizing the main theme song of the game, and once that's done, I will release it to download, and on YouTube.

So, how is everyone's feelings toward the alpha work so far? I know you're all waiting for fighter reveals and the like, but in due time, I promise. I'd hate to kill the surprise. ;)

Speaking of the Select screen, I added a function to switch from normal matches to Team Battle ones, which it lacked in the previous resolution.

Not only am I itching to get the game to a playable state, I am excited to show it off/ I hope it all works out.

Tabuu out, till next time!

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