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Some small extra news about this custom story.

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Now, as most of you know, this custom story is pretty copied and pretty shit. We are very aware of that ourselves. What has pissed me off for a long time is the fact that I made the other two SOOO much better. It makes it seem like the later two episodes (after played this), don't seem to hold any more potensial.

So, me and a couple of friends decided that we were gonna remake the mod. Basically remaking levels, remaking puzzles and include some ideas here instead of The Fugitive 3. I had some ideas in the third episode that I wanted to include but couldn't, but I then figured that I could get in the ideas in here instead.

Now some extra messages:

For those who have played it already:

I'm sorry. This probably doesn't fit to remake the mod over a year later, but I'm not asking you to replay it. The experience you got was the true experience. And here I am, making excuses. It's not right. If you feel like playing through this again, sure.

For those who have reviewed it already:

No need for new reviews. We don't deserve it. The custom story was so shit it deserves this rating to begin with. I'm glad tho for all the good support we've received despite us being so pathetic and sad that we totally copy original Amnesia maps. We'll never ever make the same mistake again.

So long story short, we're remaking the custom story. Hopefully something better will come out of this now.



Whoa whoa whoa...don't be so hard on yourselves :S I actually enjoyed playing through the first episode, yeah sure there are a lot of similarities to the original amnesia such as the layout of maps and sequence of events etc but let me tell you, I've played a lot of custom stories and the ones that are not similar on those terms are either too short (of which there are a lot) or just amazing one hit wonders (of which there are not a lot).

So damn, go easy on yourselves! You left a lot of food for thought in the run up to episode 2 after that ending, it was incredibly well done. I certainly did not expect things to end like that! It was a heart sinking moment alright but like I said, left a lot of open road for episode 2.

So, well done on episode one! Don't forget that there are a lot of mixed opinions and personalities out there and you couldn't possibly please them all. But you definitely pleased me. Thank you. ^^

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SwedishGames Author

Very kind of you. Glad it pleased you the way it did, but it's just the fact that today we knew how much better we could've done this. But we appreciate that most people think like this.

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