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With the addition of new concept artist Floris van der Peet, life is finally making some much needed progress towards showing off more details regarding its somewhat secret storyline..

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If your one of the people that has stumbled upon this page expecting to see some information regarding the story or idea behind life, only to find that we have hardly anything except for my (horrid) rough concepts, then you'll be happy to know that very soon you should see what you've come looking for. I know I've said that before and didn't really deliver, but this time I mean it.

I would like to announce the addition of Floris van der Peet as the new concept artist for life. He is an amazing artist, and within a week we will start working together and hammering out concept art for the environments of life, as well as the main character design. If you want to see what he's capable of, check out his online porfolio. I hope it gets you as excited as I am.

In other news our programmers are working diligently at getting a solid movement mechanic working inside UDK. Depending on how things go in the coming weeks, you might see some editor shots of what we have going so far to give you an idea of what the gameplay will "feel" like.

I hope no one is losing hope on the project, and you are excited to see how all the work behind the scenes is coming together. Until then, keep checking back for news and updates on the project.

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