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its been awhile since i released any news or updates. so i will fill you all in.

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  • Some Tapes will Be Obtainable from the Supply closets. these will be randomised and you will find doubles, and tapes that only spawn once.
  • The Plague Doctors "Cured" will have a Visual Update, sound update and mechanics update
  • New Weapons: HexaSeller, Pipe, Flashlight (replacing the lantern).
  • Storyline Quests: Hope, Hope(2), Trust
  • Weapons Removed: Lantern, Grenade mode (replaced with Burst fire), Launcher Crate at Door.
  • New rooms: Main Office, Armoury (locked), Video Room, Main Entrance, Academic Testing room, Giant Bridge room, office(Above & revamped), Scp 106 chamber (106 locked and visable), 173 Chamber (revamped), 049 chamber, 019 chamber, Seemingly Normal Crush wall room.

Thats all for now, if you have ideas, please email or add Miro.Tygira on skype.

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