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Since, we went ahead and hit the drawing boards, here are some interesting media, you may want to check out.

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-- Media Update --

This is just a small update for the community. We've had the concept art posted for a while, but now we'd like to share our new logo. As well as some art with you guys, with a new partnership announcement so to speak.

Well with out further distractions here's the concept art.

Torment WallpaperTormentGuy Concept (similar to Doomguy)
TormentGuy Concept (similar to Doomguy)TormentGuy Concept (similar to Doomguy)

As you can see, we have our self labeled "TormentGuy". Plus our new logo concept, and that being said our logo is complete. A little breeze of change. Not much other than that, how ever we are getting closer to getting a functional build of the engine. So hang in there guys!

I'd also like to announce, we will be using RaidCall and attempting to integrate with RaidCall, as an alternative for VoIP (Teamspeak etc.). More news on that later.

Until next time,
David "AcidBarrel" Cluett

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