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We are most honoured and grateful to our new member of our team. Welcome Ancalagan!

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Ancalagan has talked to our recruiting officer, Crighton, and thanks to his intrest in art, 40k, and of course, Crighton golden tongue, Ancalagan has decided to make some 40k concept art for our mod! Ancalagan has decreed that he might have art up in about 2 weeks, just to intrest those who are getting fed up with us not uploading anything recently. So, please give a big welcome to Ancalagan!

Also note: Ancalagan is an artist, and is devoting his free time and abilities to this mod as charity. However, seeing that he is an artist, that means his artwork is covered by copyright laws. No copying or taking credit for his artwork please. He is an artist, and so we have decreed that his artwork is his own, and no one else's. That includes this mod's. We do not own Ancalagan's artwork, and as a result, we will not sell it or make any profit on it. I expect the same from everyone else. Respect him and his work. Enjoy it, but don't use it for you're own gain, or we, the mod team, and Ancalagan will come down on you like the wrath of Khorne (bad joke).

So with that friendly note, welcome Ancalagan to the Warhammer 40,000: Emptiness of Victory mod! Enjoy you're stay!


Originul charactur do not steal.

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I'm sorry, but I had to say that, that seemed to be what the entire post was. I sarcastically summed it up as a cliche line, If he's worried about his work being stolen, don't announce it so much everywhere that people /want/ to ignore it. Tell him to sign his work in a way that can't be cropped off or put a water mark on his work.

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Cpt.Obvious Author

Good idea, thanks man. I have a bad habit on droning things out longer then nesecary

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