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Made by sin tech our trade manager computer parts only stage one

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Stage one:
Angel Data
Baptismal Mainframe
Baraka Mainframe
Baraka Network
Chokomah Network
Commandment Router
Confessor Network
Damnation Data
Damnation Line
Geburah Line
Host System
Luvah Mainframe
Martyr Card
Meggido Router
Nigredo Data
Penance Chip
Penance Interface
Putrefacto CPU
Reincarnation Modem
Scripture Drive
Tharmas CPU
Tharmas Interface
Yesod Interface
Yoga Data
Zohar Chip
Albedo Mainframe
Antichrist Router
Bhodisattava Line
Chesed Data
Chokomah CPU
Dharma Line
Dharma Port
Enochian Line
Grail Card
Hades Processor
Kundalini Router
Lucifer Modem
Luvah Computer
Magog Data
Mana System
Nephilim Mainframe
Reincarnation Line
Resurection Port
Saint Processor
Sheol Processor
Sutra Line
Tetragrammaton Processor
Tharmas Chip
Trinity Data
Virtue Modem
Alchymical Port
Alchymical Processor
Avatar Cable
Babel Modem
Blasphemy Data
Blessing Drive
Bohdi Computer
Cherubrim Chip
Cherubrim Processor
Chokomah Mainframe
Confessor CPU
Hymn Cable
Karma Drive
Lucifer Drive
Mecca Network
Merkaba Mainframe
Nigredo Network
Redempion Chip
Savior Computer
Sephiroth Interface
Shakti Processor
Shamballah Line
Sin Processor
Sutra Chip
Zion Data

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