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i'm sorry to say that i'll be unable to work on the game for a while

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i'm sorry to say that i'll be unable to work on the game for a while. My computer has gotten an error of some kind... It says it's an error with my windows, Which i now have to Re-install. And here's the thing... It's a School work computer, and i just Got on summer vacation. So i have to wait over a Month to start Working Again because i May NOT tamper with it. I just hope nothing Will be lost after it has gotten repaired. Because if it doesn't save the games i've been Working on... I might have to cancel the game. EVEN THOUGH i really don't want to.

NOT enough with i might have to cancel FNiM, but also otter games i've been Working on.

I'm going to try as much as can

Notice: all This was writen on an IPad... And the auto-correct is set to Danish.
So if anything is miss spelled or random caps and random dots. It's the auto-correct screwing up.

And if you didn't understand the first part: My computer is broken and has to fixed by the School I Got it from.

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