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Hello everyone. In today's news we have to reveal whats coming along with V2.

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Hello everyone.
In today's news we reveal whats coming along with V2
Also it is the first week of Betrayal Complex being live!
Lets start with the news:

1. Legacy Times has died

Oman Escape

With the latest update of the modification,Legacy Times DLC has stopped to work properly
We are really sorry for inconveniece that you cant play Escape gamemode and Solo Survival
In future V2 update we are going to remake the maps again,to fix the crashing issue
As of right now,we have no fix for those previous updates
Stay tuned,a hotfix might come up if they will start working again in our build

2. Fade to Black Update: Night Vision

Introducing: Night Vision

Due to limited worktime and issues with the engine,at release of Fade to Black we coudnt add this feature
However,thanks to our team we managed to get the assets necessary to include night vision goggles
More over,upcoming night maps for modification will automatically get this feature (post V2)
Information about Fade to Black changes is coming soon

3. More Gamemodes for Maps


All over the new features,we are including more gamemodes to all Project Zombie Strike 2014 maps
For now,we are announcing 3 gamemodes coming to Base Mod: Escape,Backup and Defense Force
The following Betrayal Complex maps are getting the gamemodes:

High Tension - Siege
China Rising - Insurgency
Airborne - Siege
Airport Complex - Insurgency

Legacy Times will not feature any new gamemodes,to keep the Zombie War 2007 Storyline original

These are the updates for the first week of August
We thank everyone who downloaded Betrayal Complex DLC!
Have a good game and see you on battlefield
Zombie Strike


Whoa, I can't wait to fight the zombies with the night vision on!

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Noobkiller2 Author

That was Fade to Black's main idea: fighting zombies with high tech gear :D

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Shut up and take my money, man! :D

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just to be honest, i've never noticed anything wrong with the Legacy Times maps (though i haven't tried them after installing the new update). btw are you planning on adding more easter egg kits in the future? i have a feeling that you took the idea from the CQB Japan mod

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Noobkiller2 Author

Easter eggs are in Project Zombie Strike since 2012
And yep,they are also coming :D

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