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Due to the massive amounts of bugs in the previous release, the team quickly investigated and fixed the issues. Enjoy this rather stable release - and if there still are issues, join us in the testing effort, please. Massive list of changes can be seen below - there are a few surprises too. Note: If the installer seems to stop working, please wait two minutes. It will still install regardless of what it may look like.

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Complex Enhanced 8.5.1

Join us on our forum to get a closer look into what we are up to both short and long term.

From now on we'll deliver the mod in the form of an installer, so that setting it up is easier for everyone. Just make sure it installs to your Homeworld2 folder and NOT into the data folder or anywhere else. HAS to be homeworld2 folder.Hopefully this release is more stable. After 6 games that went past an hour in duration, I'd say it's safe to assume the mod is relatively stable. Enjoy playing.

AI raiding


Complex 8.5.1 Change log (my apologies for the messed up log in the download section)


  • Spectator mode added - it can be selected as a race (you need at least a 3player map)
  • Now the players can select the AI behavior in the preset game types


  • Options for Diplomacy Fee removed
  • Advanced Sentinel renamed to Modular Sentinel


  • Multiple Crash-to-desktop issues fixed
  • The vaygr AI now uses the shared fusion missile technologies
  • The Hiigaran AI now uses both turret slots on the Weapon Station
  • The Mothership health-drop bug while being docked to the Shipyard has been fixed
  • Mothership Battle Asset description bug fixed
  • Display priority and display name of the modular cruiser in the build menu corrected
  • Changed the name of the Modular Weapons technology to Destroyer Chassis
  • The Modular Cruiser's attack style is now frontal
  • The Modular Cruiser's Ablative shield ability works again
  • Now all Modular weapons of identical type have an identical cost
  • Modular weapon descriptions now include proper cost and build time


  • Modular Cruisers can no longer build Heavy Ion Cannons
  • Modular Cruisers can now build EMP Plasma Cannon turrets on the port and starboard hardpoint
  • Modular Cruisers' cost increased from 3500 to 4000
  • Modular Destroyers can now build EMP Plasma Cannon turrets on all hardpoints
  • The Modular Destroyer now has access to X6 kinetic cannons and Rapid Bomb launchers on all hardpoints
  • Modular Ion cannon damage increased from 1250 to 2500
  • Modular Torpedo damage increased from 1550 to 1800
  • Now all modular weapon subsystems (on the Modular Destroyer and Cruiser) will take 20s to build


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