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The mod completition is about a 25% percent. for now.

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i´ve finished Liukang Punches, Scorpion Punches. Need Modelers, Coders.

Imma a mapper and Skinner. I´m going to put a list with progress and percentajes

10% Scorpion Liu Kang punches /

20% Kung Lao Subzero punches /

30% The other weapons

40% Goros lair map and Wu shi - The Oni, Tarkatan, The masked guards

50% The Portal part 1 and 2 - The enemies of the portal

60% The dark Monastery and Living forest - Reptile Kitana Mileena Jade models

70% The soul Tombs

80% Edenian Ruins Dead Pool - The Black dragon clan and the red dragon, Mavado, the natural soldiers, the dead bodies

90% Netherrealm - Undead Skeletons, Scorpion, Hell Scorpion

100% All the coding the maps and the secret bosses and the Bosses including quan chi for the final

Well the mod it´s about a 25% percent complete

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