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NOTE: Elite Terrorists Mod was the old version and is fully integrated into Elite Counter-Terror. Go up against dozens of new, hardened enemies with armor and advanced weapons. This is the way Rainbow Six was meant to be played.

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NOTE: Elite Terrorists Mod was the old version and is fully integrated into Elite Counter-Terror.

This mod encompasses the best terrorist models from all of Rainbow Six 3 and it's community, including my brand new armored mercenaries. It will change the appearance of terrorists throughout the game to reflect several new ideas:

  • Features my Armored Mercenaries terrorist pack, and you'll see them starting in the Athena Sword campaign. You can also download them separately and add them to whatever map you want.
  • Enemy forces will now be about 75-90% paramilitary and mercenary types with a lot of variety, to create more frightening and believable scenarios. This is the one area where Rainbow Six 3 fell short compared to it's predecessors, in my opinion. Their uniforms and kits will reflect the weather, time of day, and mission. They have cold weather gear for winter missions, flash-lights and NVG's at night, helmets, gas-masks, and vests when they are expecting you, and are armed with the latest and most advanced weapons (including Supply Drop weapons). They will get progressively harder as you make your way through the 3 campaigns.
  • Business-class terrorists are more varied, and placed only where appropriate. They will also have heavy back-up, as part of an elite security detail for powerful individuals and their properties.
  • Tropical shirt wearing tangos are entirely removed, outside of a few on the first airport mission, Falcon Hour. This mission will also feature rarely seen tangos from a fan-made remake of the iconic 747 map!
  • 'Militants' and 'skin-heads' will rarely be seen, outside of 1 or 2 missions where they fit the mission description, and they will come from many different backgrounds.
  • Industrial maps may feature several tangos dressed as workers/engineers to simulate the idea of a well-planned attack with people on the inside.
  • Chemical-suit wearing tangos will now carry assault weapons, with several new outfits.
  • All missions are tested to ensure objectives function properly and tangos are placed in logical places.
  • This is just my interpretation of the the plot and what I thought would create that atmosphere of true fear you felt when playing Rogue Spear and Black Thorn. Feel free to make changes if you feel I did too much.

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Elite Terrorists Mod Complete

Note: These files are intended to be used with .Twi's monthly Supply Drops for Single-player and Iron Wrathinstalled. You may also have issues playing online with my mod installed. Check the readme for more details.


A full guide is in the works as well.

Check out ALLR6, the dedicated community helping keep this legend alive in it's 16th year!

discord,steam: ac11b



Excuse me. Although I'm thrilled to try out this new mod, I have some concerns that it might conflict with Joe21crisis's General Realism mod as they both overwrite the games template files.

I wonder if there's anyway to get both working with any conflicts.

Thank you.

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ac11b Author

You can either install mine after his, or just omit copying the template folders from his mod. Either way will work, there are no other conflicts between his mod and mine.

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Nice Work, all work perfect for me. Thx

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