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To get something on here I decided to report on the latest developments.

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I finished the Mako class Corvette and am currently working hard on texturing my latest Frigate; the Akula class. Which is the ship seen in Halo: Legends. Although I think it was meant to be the Apoc class Frigate, it looked like a whole new ship. Hence that I thought it would be a nice pre-dater of the Apoc. I'm also working on a pre-dater for the Halcyon. I had a design for it in my head for a while now and after watching the old Starcraft intro movie again I decided I was gonna make it. So yeah I'm also working on that. I'm also going to create a new Destroyer class, modeled after the Heart of Midlothian. Even though I said I wouldn't make any more new UNSC prior to finishing more Covenant ships. Seeing as how these are rather cannon (minus the Halcyon pre-dater), its okay I guess. After this, I promise I'm going to start on the Covenant ships! I'll start with the baddest ship of the fleet, the Ascendant Justice.

Now, as for my title of this article. Someone contacted me today on wanting to start a new Halo mod for Nexus. I told him he was also welcome to join me, but if he prefered starting his own Halo mod that that'd be fine by me aswell. So we'll see what the future brings. Either way it'll be interesting. Either I'm getting some help, which is always very nice, or I'm getting a little competition, which will be nice because them I'm more driven to finishing things sooner. And who knows, perhaps we'll be able to swap some models.

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