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Unleashed Team have Naming Competition for Children of the Sun - Units

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Name a Children of the Sun Unit

We previously told you that we'd launched a competition to name a whole selection of Children of the Sun units. Please visit our site at

There will be two stages to the competition, the first round is submission of suggested names. You can post as many names as you wish. Closing date for first round is 17th April.


The amount of information on the units are too limited to propose specific names. Sure, we can get creative, but most of the suggestions would just be irrelevant. For example, naming a person could call Unit 1 (the psychic anti-tank infantry unit) PsyGuy when it's actually a woman. That's just a frivolous name, but you get my point, lol.

I think it would help tremendously if you would add information about unit form (if it resembles anything specific like perhaps an animal [e.g. the Sickle looks like a spider] or how many mounted cannons it has), unit pilot/AI Voice gendre (example, Archer Maidens [fems, obviously xD] or Giga Fortresses [who have male voices]), locomotive method (if the tank/unit hovers or walks/moves on wheels/tracks, etc). Imo the naming conventions would then be much more accurate.

Just giving my two cents - this mod is pure awesomeness!

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RA3Unleashed Author

I've added some further information. Let me know if you need any more!

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I guess this should do it. Only additional information that would really help would be a screenshot, but heh, I think there's a lot of suggestions going on already. Check that guy's KamuiK's suggestions - they're awesome, not only beautiful names, but also culturally correct too.

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RA3Unleashed Author

It may be a while before we can get screen shots, we're still working on the United Coalitions Concept Art. Plus the name could influence the look of the unit.

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