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Neo-Terra Victorious will be fully compatible with Sushi's High Velocity mod to ensure various and interesting gaming experiences.

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1. Introduction
It's been decided to design NTV missions in a way that will make them 100% compatible with high velocity mods, like Sushi's.

For the ones who don't know it, such mods effectively alter certain FreeSpace 2 specs by maximing speed values and adding newtonian-like physics. Those changes are applied combat spacecraft, only, to ensure good compatibility with all campaigns. This choice doesn't solve all of the problems, though: missions based on the perfect timing of combat spacecraft that fly through a series of waypoints may not proceed as their mission designer hoped to. The missions themselves might come to a total halt in progress, not to mention the fact that the game might crash.

NTV's missions will be compatible with those altered physics, meaning that they will be designed in a way that ensures good gameplay with (or without) Sushi's mod.

2. Necessary modifications
In order to make NTV compatible with altered physics, the missions need to be changed accordingly. For example, if a wing of fighters is ordered to fly a series of waypoints and the mission's timings depend on the fighters' speed, it's necessary to limit their top speed via FRED (FreeSpace Mission Editor). Obviously, this can also be done to reduce the speed of strike wings as they approach their target.

NTV's modpack, however, differs from FS2's ship pack under many points of view. High velocity mods base their alterations on FS2's default rosters, so many NTV assets will not be influenced by the mods mentioned above. Under these circumstances, NTV might be released with optional high velocity alterations which can be selected before running FreeSpace 2. Switching from normal physics to altered ones (and vice versa) will also be incredibly easy.

3. Advantages
There are many advantages in making NTV compatible with high velocity mods. First of all, it will be possible to boost the gaming experience by going well beyond the classic limits seen in FreeSpace 2: one of the most notable changes, in fact, is the different way to handle dogfights during the game. Additionally, NTV will help promoting that kind of alterations and their slow, but still encouraging, development.

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